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St. Leo the Great Ladies Guild

The goals of this organization are to praise Our Lord Jesus Christ and to honor His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary; to promote spiritual and social activities for the general welfare of St. Leo Parish and to sponsor fundraising projects for the parish and community. We make our presence known by volunteering our services to the church and community. For more information please contact the Parish Office at 992-0901.

Parish Library

The Parish Library is available to all parishioners. Books, videos and other materials are provided for both children and adults.


The  Sewing, Knitting & Crocheting Group sponsored in part by the Ladies of St. Leo’s. We meet weekly during October through April. All interested parishioners are encouraged to come and share their interest and talents for the good of many charities in our community. If you have any questions contact Bernice Romano at 992-2985. We accept donations of yarn, materials and sewing supplies.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a national organization which assists local parishes by helping with tasks and special projects that require both the financial and manpower based resources that the Knights can provide. They hold activities that foster fraternal bonds between members and allow for networking opportunities and building leadership skills in members that lead to professional success. Any registered man of the parish, age 18 or older is encouraged to participate in the Knights of Columbus please visit our website at

Golden Agers

The Golden Agers meet regularly Fall through Spring. Please join us in playing cards, playing bingo, or just socializing with the other members. Please see the bulletin for details.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

A great way to add to your relationship as a married couple is to go on a Marriage Encounter weekend. Make your good marriage great! For more information please call Bob and Joan Loft at 495-1803.


During the season, bingo is played in the activities building. Watch the bulletin for more information or contact Lois Boomgaard at 992-8214.

Christian Brothers

As Christian brothers and sisters we are called upon to help one another in times of need. Our Los Hermanos Christian Brothers of St. Leo minister to the needy in our local community by offering food and clothing, tutoring and financial assistance to those most in need. The Los Hermanos Christian Brothers, along with Catholic Charities, coordinate our annual Giving Tree project which provides gifts for children whose families are unable to do so. For more information please call 949-6769.